Many employers and self-employed individuals are investigating Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) with individual health benefit accounts due to the convergence of three powerful trends:

  • rapidly increasing premiums for traditional health insurance;
  • a backlash by employees and providers against managed care with provider-side cost constraints; and
  • a rise in health care consumerism fueled by the internet and direct-to-consumer advertising for health products and services.

Employers and self-employed individuals are exploring whether CDHC can contain health care costs and increase consumer choice and satisfaction concerning health care.
The pros and cons of Consumer Driven Health Care are being vigorously debated in the context of federal legislation. ConsumerDrivenHealthCare.us is intended to help employers, self-employed individuals, employees, and policy makers: to better understand the structure, pros, and cons of various types of CDHC health plans; and to choose among the different CDHC companies and options.